Eight things British people think when watching NFL

For many years, the only kind of sports that have resonated with the British have been football, tennis, cricket and rugby. There are more, but none worth mentioning on the same level. More recently, however, American football has risen through the ranks to walk right alongside the aforementioned fantastic four – but not everyone is on board.

It seems as if the majority of us are split on these kind of issues, but there is a certain hypocrisy to it from our side. After all, we get frustrated when the Americans claim that ‘soccer’ isn’t a sport, so why should they be any less annoyed when we make the same claim about American football?

We’re a predictable bunch in a lot of senses, and even if you’ve come around to watching the National Football League on a weekly basis we can pretty much guarantee that these thoughts have raced through your mind.

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Amusing? Perhaps. Painfully true? You bet. Considering the UK’s role in the NFL’s International Series, we should probably learn to be a bit more receptive to our friends from the States coming over to play their wonderful game on the British Isles.

You don’t have to love it, just give it a chance.

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