Draymond Green dark horse to dethrone King James as NBA Finals MVP

Dan Schultz

Love him or hate him, Draymond Green should be considered a heavy favorite to come away with this year’s Finals MVP award

Five years ago, Draymond Green was just hoping to get drafted in the first round.

The brash, outspoken forward from Michigan State University was known for his fiery personality and his all-around game. Coming out of college, Green was considered by some to be a little undersized to play the power forward position, but he was also seen as perhaps a little big and bulky to occupy the three-spot as well. Still, he hoped teams would see how valuable he could be to make him a first round selection.

But somehow, the Big Ten Player of the Year slipped to the second round, where the Golden State Warriors happily snatched him up with the 35th overall pick.

Green has never forgotten this. He can recite all 34 players selected in front of him, and has talked openly about how he plays with a chip on his shoulder to prove all his doubters wrong.

It’s what makes him so unique, and one could argue without him, the Warriors wouldn’t be nearly as great as they are. Green is the Dubs’ Swiss Army knife; a versatile big man who does a little bit of everything. He’s a nightly triple-double threat, on top of being the favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year this season.

While many people believe that LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kyrie Irving are more likely to come away with the Finals MVP, Green should be given heavy consideration for this award. He will most likely be tasked with guarding James for large stretches of the Finals, which should work in his favor. After all, when the Warriors toppled the Cavs in 2015 to win the title, Andre Iguodala was the Finals MVP thanks to his great defense on James.

Also, as we all know from this season, fans and analysts are suckers for triple-doubles. It’s why Russell Westbrook is probably going to win the regular season MVP award this year.

If Green gets one or two in this series and the Warriors roll the Cavs in five (which is what I’m predicting), he should be the favorite to win the Finals MVP. He is the glue to this Warriors team and you have to figure he’s going to go all-out after arguably costing his team the championship last year by getting suspended for Game 5.

Green has always been motivated by revenge. If you get the better of him, he’s going to want to get you back. It’s what has defined his whole career thus far. And winning the Finals MVP award this year would be the ultimate triumph for him after last season’s disappointment of blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

So yes, it’s certainly understandable to put a handful of players ahead of him when it comes to the Finals MVP award. But just like Iguodala came out of nowhere to steal it in 2015, don’t be surprised if Green does the exact same thing this year.

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