Clippers’ Doc in need of a second opinion

In four years as Los Angeles Clippers coach and general manager, Doc Rivers has done absolutely nothing. Change is not only wanted, it’s needed

Since 2013, when Doc Rivers took over as head coach and general manager of the Los Angeles Clippers, the “other” team in Los Angeles has sat idle as the rest of the Western Conference is getting better.

For four straight years, Rivers has taken assets and turned them into failures. Signed dubious free agents with contributions highlighted by Spencer Hawes’ man bun and Austin Rivers’ nepotism. During Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan’s prime, Los Angeles has not gotten out of the second round of the playoffs. The Clippers can’t beat an elite team when it matters the most. In fact, the Clippers’ record is actually declining each year. Let that sink in. The Clippers have gotten worse under Rivers than when they were under Vinnie Del Negro!

Should we be surprised to hear the Clippers are looking to make a change?

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported the Clips are interested in hiring 79-year-old Jerry West away from the Warriors in an “advisory capacity.”

One can only hope West’s first move–should he take the job–is to cancel Rivers’ cell phone service and take away his laptop.

This off-season is the most important in Clippers history. It is the fourth straight year of being the most important off-season in “Lob City” history, and Rivers and company have yet to win the signing period, let alone stay consistently good.

Blake Griffin is a free-agent with speculation brewing he might take a flyer and have a homecoming in Oklahoma City. Chris Paul has been gossiped to be flirting with San Antonio. Any one of those guys leave and Rivers would probably try and find a former Celtic to sign to take his place. Rajon Rondo is hitting free agency and Kevin Garnett is newly retired and are probably 1a and 1b on Rivers’ must-haves.

West, on the other hand, has a proven track record of taking franchises and not only turning them into contenders, but into champions. He did it in Los Angeles once before. Betting big on a kid named Kobe Bean Bryant and putting the mortgage up for sale to land Shaquille O’Neal in free-agency. He helped turn a 20-win team into a 50-win team in Memphis. Now, his consigliere role in Golden State has helped turn them into a consistent juggernaut. Flirting with best three-year run, ever.

He was the rainmaker who got Kevin Durant to sign on the dotted line. He was also the one who said, “I don’t like the word parity. Parity is average, and I like to see excellence.” Is Austin Rivers excellence personified?

West has reportedly already met with Rivers and Ballmer. In addition, the Clippers owner has stated on the record he does not care about the Luxury Tax. Give West an open checkbook and we might as well get ready for Lob City vs. Splash City.

The Clippers might not land West. The curse might be too great for even a man of West’s stature to exorcise. Or maybe that’s just what the Clippers need. A former Laker player and general manager. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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