Goodell’s fake peace offering not enough to win players’ trust back

Out of the commissioners of the four major sports in the United States, there is no man hated more than Roger Goodell. Over the past 11 years, the man has done everything in power to make that power known by every single player in the league. Now that he’s changing his celebration policy, it’s clear we’re about to see him pander for player’s support as the 2020 CBA looms. Sadly for Goodell, it’s far too late.

Unless you’re brand-new to the football world or you’ve been locked away in Goodell’s pit “Silence of the Lambs” style, you’re extremely aware just how awful the commissioner has been from a player’s perspective. From his literal manhunt surrounding Tom Brady and Deflategate to him treating pot smokers like they treated witches up in Salem Massachusetts, the man is absolutely brutal to deal with. Now suddenly, Goodell is quickly trying to play the role of good cop by loosening up the incredibly tight restrictions on touchdown celebrations.



That’s right. After a season where a player might’ve been flagged after sneezing too hard while a referee took it as a dance move he didn’t know about, it looks like these shackles Goodell and the rest of the league have put on players are starting to have a little bit of wiggle room. Players have asked for the ability to show emotion, and instead of treating players like they’re just walking dollar signs for this lucrative business, he’s letting the boys play.

“Players have told us they want more freedom to be able to express themselves.”

Roger Goodell

There it is, boys and girls. Looks like the warden is letting the boys have a little bit more fun out in the yard. For those who are considering Goodell generous for letting the players celebrate once more, let’s not forget that he’s the one who imposed this crackdown on cellies in the first place. The man who is giving us the after touchdown reaction back is the same man who enforced penalties on the insane and out of control art that is high fiving.


Instead of falling for Goodell’s trap, everyone has to realize this man is just pandering for love. He hasn’t just burned the bridge between himself and players. He torched it, dumped the ashes in the sea, and built a wall so no one could ever reach his side. It couldn’t be more clear he’s doing this to mend that relationship. Just look at cool guy Goodell’s hip references after announcing the crackdown on celebrations will be lighter.


After terrorizing anyone who might’ve dabbed or danced or anything in between, a few tweets that are aimed to be funny are supposed to fix everything? He just comes off looking like this.




While Kaiser  Commissioner Goodell has been wielding his power left and right at any poor player who comes into his war path, he’s forgotten that he will eventually need the players to be on his side. With the CBA looming in 2020, Goodell actually has to treat players like people since he’s going to have to negotiate with them. Now instead of acting like the tyrant he’s been, he wants to make it seem like he doesn’t only have his interests in mind. By switching up the celebration policy, it’s his attempt to dupe players to thinking he’s actually capable of looking at anything other than his own agenda.

That’s supposed to change everything he’s done wrong? You can now celebrate touchdowns with your teammates, and it’s supposed to wipe away years of awful relationships with players? Absolutely no way. This is real life, Roger. You can’t act like a sour patch kid and try to mend everything after you’ve already took a blowtorch to any possibility of having a working relationship with the NFLPA or the players.

At this point, Goodell should just die on that hill. Be the complete and utter dictator you’ve been for years instead of backing away and waving the return of celebrations in front of players like he’s dangling keys or shiny objects in front of a baby. Ff he stuck to his guns, it would show he at least has a spine.


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