The 10 greatest Championship rematches


With Golden State and Cleveland facing off for the third straight year, we look at the 10 greatest championship rematches of all-time.

Cleveland and Golden State are squaring up for the third time in a row in the NBA Finals. The first left a lot to be desired. The second meeting was historic. While many believe the Warriors have too much talent to overcome, history has proven when rivals face off back-to-back, anything is possible.

Over the last 60 years, we have been treated to quite a few sequels in a variety of sports championships. Much like movies, many did not live up to the original. A rare few, however, met the hype and surpassed it. Here’s a list of The 10 Greatest Championship Rematches.


It’s one thing to be treated to two different championship series featuring two of the best performers at their peaks. It’s another when we’ve seen so many twists and intrigue thrown into the pot.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love getting hurt two years ago. Draymond Green getting suspended last year aiding in the Warriors 3-1 collapse. On its third installment, one can only hope for more Rocky III, than Godfather III.

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