Every athlete should take after JR Smith

You’ve probably clicked on this article to wonder if I’m drunker than JR Smith off the Henney before he slides into girls’ DMs asking if they want the pipe. While JR may not be a role model in almost every circumstance, athletes should take the latest page out of JR’s book. 

It’s not everyday you can say JR Smith did the right thing and you’re standing in his corner. As a matter of fact, this is maybe the rarest thing we’ve seen out of the man who never ceases to surprise us. Just take a trip down memory lane at your favorite JR memories. Whether it was on-court moments like when he was hitting below the belt before Draymond Green even began practicing high kicks, or when the man took to Twitter to show the world the half naked girl that happened to be blocking his view. Legend? Absolutely. Role model? That’s a tough sell.

Considering JR as a man athletes should follow is almost as absurd as the 15-0 playoff record the Warriors are currently rocking. Although, that record did lead us to this point though, where a down but never defeated JR Smith gave us one of the best moments of the Finals.

Sure, the fact that Twitter fingers following the latest loss in the Finals is pretty indicative to how absurdly unbalanced this league is thanks to Golden State, but here we are. For those of you who haven’t surfed Twitter because you’re tired of basketball at this point or you don’t want to hear reporters ask LeBron yet again if fatigue, not the two f-cking MVPs wearing Warriors uniforms, is the reason the Cavs are in this hole, you missed an absolute gem of a tweet from JR Smith.













Absolutely incredible. The man is just a human stoplight that’s permanently stuck on green. He can miss every single shot he takes for a year, pull up for three with an unattainable amount of confidence, bury the three, and then holster the pistols like you all should’ve known that bad boy was going in. His Twitter game is no different, as you already probably realized when he asked girls if they were looking for the pipe.


For some ungodly reason, people are up in arms about Smith flexing the Twitter fingers to share that opinion postgame. This is the one and only time where it will be acceptable to think and act like JR Smith. You’re down 3-0, a deficit no one has ever come back from against arguably the greatest team ever assembled, and you just watch your team blow a six point lead as they missed every single shot in the last 2:47 of the game. This Finals is at the point where the Cavs are lying around lifeless on the mat while the ref is giving them the good old 10 count. Instead of calling it, JR is going down swinging.

How can you not respect a move like this? We’re all either used to players shutting down the media altogether or giving the democratic response and answering in the same old boring matter. Your team just got punched in the gut, and you respond about your team’s chances with some cliche answer like “we just have to take it one game at a time,” or “we just have to go out and give our best effort”? Fuuuuuuuu*k that. Go down firing like JR. Guarantee the greatest comeback in the history of sports. Go big or go home.

It’s absurd that people are acting like this was the wrong thing to do. What’s the worst thing JR did here? Have confidence in his team, the same squad who, as many people forget, are the defending champs? We’re talking about the man who used to untie player’s shoes at the free throw line, and we’re complaining about him being ridiculous now?

The worst thing Smith did was delete the tweet and quickly backpedal from it. Come on JR! Where’s that same fire you have when you slide into the unsuspecting DMs of a girl on Twitter? That same fire you use when you empty a bottle of Hennessey into your stomach like Prohibition just got reinstated? Instead, he hit us with that old trick, the “I was hacked” routine.


Just as quickly as he became someone athletes should follow, he went back to that same old JR. Just because he backpedaled away from his tweet faster than I did after I predicted the Cavs would win in seven games, doesn’t mean his original stance isn’t right. No matter what you’re doing, you have to think you’re the best at it. Smith thinks he’s part of the best team still, and that’s okay. What is the point of even showing up to your death sentence in Game 4 if you don’t think you have a chance of stringing a few wins together? Yea, saying “we have to execute if we want to get back in the series” or some cookie cutter answer like that is more accepted, but no one ever got remembered for giving the correct answer.


You know what people will remember? Having the confidence and faith in your team to fight your way out of that corner that no one else ever has. Be brash like JR, and shoot your shot until the life is out of you.

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