LeBron needs a Butler

After one of the most highly anticipated NBA Finals ever, it’s safe to say that the Golden State Warriors are on another level from not just the league, but the Cleveland Cavaliers as well.

The Cavs came out in Game 3 and gave it everything they had; yet it was not enough. No matter what the Cavs did, no matter how well they played, at spurts, when you looked at the scoreboard the Warriors were always in striking distance. There was nothing LeBron James and his supporting cast of mistfits could do to shake the pursuit of Kevin Durant and Co.. Well that’s not exactly true. Cleveland’s role players could have hit more shots, but that’s just the point, those guys aren’t good enough to beat the Warriors.

The Warriors play great defense. They’re one of the best defending teams in the league, which is why they’re one game away from being crowed champions. And KD helps too. But when you have players giving it their all on the defensive end, helping their teammates when one gets beat and hustling hard to close out to contest open shooters, shots normally get missed. Therefore Cleveland’s shooters have yet to get into a rhythm and consistently make shots in key moments. Case in point, Kyle Korver’s missed three-pointer in the finals minutes of Game 3 that could have iced the game for Cleveland to pull the series at two games to one, instead, the Cavs are one game away from getting swept.

As of now, the Warriors are set up to be a dynasty, as long as their core-four stay in the Bay, so what do the Cavs need to do to compete with this team? They need to make a trade for a PTP (a Prime Timer Player), and they should look no further than the Windy City’s superstar shooting guard Jimmy Butler.

Butler is the strong shooting guard the Cavs are missing. Butler not only would come in and take a lot of the scoring burden off of LeBron and Kyrie Irving, but he will do wonders on the defensive end as he is one of the five best defenders in the league. He is a big time shot maker and can carry a team down the stretch when LeBron gets tired.

Yes, he will be a free agent after the 2017-18 season, but if the Cavs can pull off this trade without giving up Irving, Kevin Love, or Tristan Thompson, then they will officially be on the Warriors level. Not to mention, this would be the championship contending team Butler would love to play for and re-sign with.

All of a sudden, the Warriors have to change up their defensive strategy becase they can’t put Klay Thompson on Kyrie anymore because Steph Curry as been guarding J.R Smith, which is where Butler would be playing, and Butler is too big for Curry to guard. This then frees up Irving to score. It also puts another top-notch scorer on the team and sets them up as one of the best defensive teams in league.

If Cleveland’s general manager, Dan Gilbert, is smart, then he needs to figure out every possible way to get Jimmy Butler on this team if they want any shot at raising another banner.

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