The incredible story of Orange County’s own Evel Knievel

There’s an uneasy feeling that starts in the stomach and rolls up into your chest when 8Booth is on screen. It’s a queasy, unnerving feeling that makes you uncomfortable, makes you shift in your seat, and makes you want to desperately look away. But you can’t.

Like a horror movie you may cover your eyes but curiosity will have you peeking through your fingers, waiting and watching; hoping that no one dies right in front of you. 8Booth creates and performs daredevil stunts for some of the most intense viral content you will ever see.

He conjures memories of an American hero, a man who brought daredevil into the limelight, a man constantly defied death and came back for more, broken bone after broken bone.

“The people don’t come to see me die. They come to see me defy death.”

Evel Knievel

Evel Kneivel is a household name and one of the most famous stuntmen and daredevils this planet has ever seen. He started making jumps at county fairs and quickly found himself on some of the world’s biggest stages. He was a promotional juggernaut, an entertainment innovator, and absolutely fearless.

The legendary Evel Knievel
The legendary Evel Knievel

Evel outdid himself at every turn. He went from jumping over two pickup trucks to sixteen in just over a year. Even if he didn’t make it and landed in the hospital, he would return after recovery to finish his show. His vision could not be denied. It was less about money and fame and more about proving what he could do.

His exposure started to expand as the 1960s wore on. He was asked to come on the Joey Bishop Show on national television. This led to Evel’s famous Caesar’s Palace jump that was taped by Evel’s crew and later aired by ABC’s Wild World of Sports. Evel didn’t stick the landing and ended up in a coma for a month along with a crushed pelvis, hip fracture, and busted ankles.

Never to be deterred, he was back jumping in only five months, an amazing feat in its own right after doctors told him he may never walk without the aid of crutches again. It’s always been about defying the odds and being spectacular.

8Booth sending it over 100 feet into the ocean
8Booth sending it over 100 feet into the ocean

Evel was the predecessor for men like 8Booth, constantly defying the odds and remaining spectacular. 8Booth’s vehicle isn’t a motorcycle, but his own two feet, armed only with sheer will and a GoPro. His videos make you cringe, just like Evel, and the silence that ensues while he takes flight is exhilarating and heart stopping.

We have always been fascinated with death. So much so that gladiators used to enter a ring to fight to death. This paved the way for cannonballers, sword swallowers,  and tight rope walkers. Evel took the idea to new heights with his motorcycle, revolutionizing the daredevil and bringing a new fascination to crowds everywhere.

“Nothing is going to stop me from doing what I love. Not even death itself.”


Thrill seeker, extreme jumper, daredevil, stuntman, or whatever other monikers you can think of, 8Booth may be temporarily sidelined, but he’s not done. In fact, he might be just beginning.

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