Ranking the best players from the top 11 ODI teams

If anyone in cricket were allowed to put together their ODI XI it would be dominated by English, Indian and South African players.

The likes of Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers would almost certainly make everyone’s team due to their power hitting and ability to quickly and consistently score runs.

We here at ClickOn don’t like to do anything by the norm though, meaning this team won’t have the traditional dominance of three or four teams. Instead the gallery contains one player from every one of the top 11 cricketing nations, with the team’s ranking in the world corresponding to the player they have in the team according to the last team they fielded.

As can be expected, this is definitely a top heavy team. The batting is dominated by world-class players from the top sides in the world with the notable omissions of Kohli, Buttler and Amla, but the likes of Stokes, Steve Smith and Shikhar Dhawan bring a lot of fire power and class to the top.

Further down the order though there are some weaknesses. Sunil Narine was formerly the world’s number one ODI bowler but he would find it difficult to be the main focal point of an attack that would struggle to support him without any real wicket taking names in the lower order.

Would this side challenge for the trophy? Their batting is certainly formidable but their bowling attack would be targeted as a real weakness, meaning the batting side of the team would likely be chasing 350 and above in every game they play.

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