England’s best foreign XI to have played in the 2000s

If ever there has been a team bloated by foreign talent that has buoyed a side it is England. In recent times, they would have been perhaps better to christen themselves ‘England and the rest of the world’ such was their diversity.

Be the batsmen, bowlers or all-rounders, the Three Lions are never afraid to look to players born overseas to help their cause. The best example of this is one of world cricket’s most destructive batsman, Ben Stokes.

The all-rounder has been revolutionising the test game with quick fire double centuries something rarely seen in the longer format of the game. Expect to see the IPL’s most expensive player to feature in this England foreign XI that have played at least once from the year 2000 onwards then:

England have always been blessed with talent in their cricket teams. While in the years around the turn of the century it was more a case of a couple of top players being lumped together into a side that struggled massively.

Some critics of the English game have cited that England and Wales’ team would not be the same without the influence of foreign imports. Indeed, in the current team there would be a cavernous hole where Ben Stokes would be as he should probably be playing for New Zealand who would be a far better team with the destructive all-rounder.

Irrespective of this, England have the ability to identify and cultivate supreme talents in the game, and they should not be scolded for that. After all, if Australia and New Zealand had picked up the likes of Stokes or Trott they wouldn’t worry too much about the views of their rivals, and neither should England.

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