Mayhem ensues after most vicious knockout ever

Whether you’re in a street fight, a boxing ring or co-headlining a welterweight bout in kickboxing’s Gloy 42, “protect yourself at all times” is paramount.

Harut Grigorian did not heed that advice.

After Murthel Groenhart sent a knee to the head of Grigorian, the Armenian fighter inexplicably turns away from the fight. Groenhart capitalizes and absolutely unloads.

Such a vicious shot left many stunned, wondering what had happened. Grigorian’s gash is one of the worst I have ever seen. Presumable friends of Grigorian had a more animal response.

Reports stated Groenhart suffered a broken jaw in that exchange. There was no additional news of men parachuting from the sky or moms charging the ring.

But wait, is that…Jeff Van Gundy?










He never misses a fight.

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