Fired to punched to a DUI: The Derek Fisher free-fall continues

Will Morgan

Derek Fisher’s days keep getting worse. Fisher recently wrecked a vehicle and was arrested for a DUI while driving his girlfriend Gloria Govan, the ex-wife of Fisher’s former teammate, Matt Barnes. The vehicle is registered to Matt Barnes. All caught up? Good.

Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan are adults and are free to date whomever they choose. Matt Barnes should understand he has no control over a woman just because they were once married. But it is not working out that way. Barnes made that perfectly clear back in 2015. To Barnes, Fisher was breaking some sort of NBA code. It seems Barnes wasn’t aware of the grown-up common-sense code of  his ex-wife being able to do what she wants.

When he first learned Fisher hooked up with his ex, Barnes drove over 95 miles to “beat the s**t out of him”. This is Matt Barnes’ ex:

Fisher’s public image has been is somewhat of a free-fall. The last few news stories involving him have been about him being fired by the Knicks, him dating Barnes’ ex-wife, him getting punched, and now this.

Barnes purchased The Escalade and gave it to Govan “for the kids”.  Flipping over on the 101 freeway while Derek Fisher drove it home was probably not what Barnes had in mind. The vehicle struck the right shoulder while Fisher approached an interchange in Sherman Oaks. Barnes has not given any comments on the incident yet; he’s busy celebrating with the Golden State Warriors, but based on Barnes’ past words and actions, the response won’t be good.

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