Tennis and racism: The terrible world of social media

Racism in sport, is sadly, very prevalent. The well documented nature of racism in football continues to poison the sport; be it in the terraces, or towards players outside the ground. 

Away from verbal abuse, the world online remains a horrific place as cyber abuse continues to plague areas of society. And, a sport like tennis is no stranger to such trolling, as Britain’s Jay Clarke has recently brought the matter to the attention of his Twitter followers.


The 18-year-old has said how he receives up to 15-20 messages of abuse online in a month, where the tennis player now says how such messages are not even that shocking after countless experiences:

“It has happened a few times, even at juniors, it’s the first thing people go to, colour,

“The first few times it’s a shock, now you’re almost waiting for it,

“It was important for other people to see. I get a lot of messages like that throughout the year. I’m sure a lot of other people do as well.”

— Jay Clarke, speaking to the BBC

Clarke added how he is particularly prone to abuse when he loses; such as the case when he lost in the first round of the Nottingham Open.

The teenager is currently ranked ninth in Britain, and has an extremely encouraging year ahead of him being at such a young age. However, such cyber abuse, and horrific remarks like these are only likely to effect the youngsters game; the cyber racism – and racism in general – needs to be stamped out from all forms of sport.



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