WWF star turned politician Jesse “The Body” Ventura gets personal guarantee from Vladmir Putin

Jesse Ventura has hardly worked the last few years and is now without health insurance. The sixty-five year old former wrestler turned politician was recently booted from health coverage by the Screen Actors Guild for not working enough.

Ventura quickly went public to blame his ongoing issue with American Sniper author Chris Kyle. Kyle stated in his book that Ventura had negative things to say about the Navy SEALs and he had to knock him out. Ventura says this is completely untrue. Although awarded some money once, the lawsuit has since been overturned.

“My United States union throws me in the dirt and who comes to the rescue?”

From Russia with Love

Ventura’s new show, apparently titled “The World According to Jesse”, will be aired on RT, a state owned channel. Supposedly, the show will be uncensored, a perk that is far and few between in the United States, especially with Network Television.

The personal guarantee from Russian President Vladimir Putin to air the show has skeptics and critics crying out loud. With all the recent news regarding our government and Russia this could seem like just another piece of the puzzle. Ventura publicly supported Donald Trump before the election.

Ventura and Trump were at one time friends during his pro wrestling days, meeting through Vince McMahon. After the election, Ventura has not supported Trump, calling him hypocritical. He also once stated that Trump risks assassination by having Pence as the VP.

It may have been tongue in cheek when he said it, but Ventura usually doesn’t usually allow his words to be parsed.

From Collusion to Conclusion

It is entirely possible that none of this has been set forth by the factors Ventura states. He believes that the defamation from Chris Kyle ruined his career and that he has been booted from the benefits because of it.

Or, it could be that Ventura’s career is simply over in the US. Networks and executives are no longer interested in his conspiracy theories about the government and beyond. It could be that Russia in general is not bored with Ventura’s shtick, and that plenty of American stars have found new fame in Russia, including Steven Seagal.

The fanny pack wearing, gun toting, motorcycle riding ex-wresting star has probably just seen his best years go by here in America, but Russia doesn’t seem to think so. And the Trump and Putin connection could literally just be coincidence and nothing else.

Either way, Russia has got to be pumped about having him around for 32 episodes. An old, disgruntled Ventura railing uncensored against the American establishment is just awesome entertainment. Maybe him and Steven will do a show together.

Just think of the benefits.



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