Conor McGregor is the luckiest man in sport

After more deliberation than a Brangelina court case, negotiations of the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight have finally finalised; 26th of August, Las Vegas. The takeaway for both fighters? Just the casual $100 million each – the richest fight in boxing history. 

However, there is everything to lose for the American in this fight, and not an awful lot for the Irishman. With Mayweather’s 49 undefeated record, and a reputation that’s largely seen Money be regarded as the greatest ever pound for pound fighter; many are expecting a routine victory for the 40-year-old.

“He [McGregor] would need about five years — and I’m being very generous and conservative — of boxing training and experience to even entertain the thought of being competitive with any A-plus-level boxer.”

— Teddy Atlas, boxing trainer and analyst speaking to ESPN

With such expectation on the American accorss many experts in boxing, it puts Money’s undefeated record in great jeaopardy with a force in McGregor who only needs a second to deliver a knockout.

The main reason for Mayweather’s success throughout his career was largely down to his outstanding defence; most noted towards the latter stages of his career as 12 out of 14 fights for Money went the distance.

Mayweather’s ability to therefore manoeuvre his opponent, and avoid being knocked out plays a major factor in his success towards his ageing years.

This could be a different story against Irishman, McGregor. Nothing to lose, 18 knock outs in 24 fights to back up the explosiveness the 28-year-old is capable of delivering. The offensive approach, speed and game plan of knocking out Mayweather is exactly what the McGregor camp plan on for victory; many middleweights Money has previously faced have lacked the intentions to do this, as well as the power in this division to deliver such a result:

“He will go after Floyd Mayweather and he will try to knock him out.”

— Dana White, McGregor’s promoter

Regardless of the boxing ability, the 12 years Mayweather has on McGregor has to play a factor in both speed of thought and physicality. Adding to this, Money’s 23 months absence – by the time of the fight – from the ring will play a prohibiting factor in sharpness, and fighting ability come the 26th of August.

Boxing’s greatest pound-for-pound fighter has it all to lose, with all expectations being on his shoulder; all of boxing’s expectations/hope that he will deliver victory in a man who has not had a single boxing fight.

Time will tell, but the most talked about event of 2017 promises to deliver fireworks, and Dana White must be licking his lips for the world of UFC and the damage it can deliver to the reputation of boxing.

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