Winning 25-0 and getting sacked: Welcome to Spain

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

— Vince Lombardi

We’ve all been there, playing in a five-a-side, to an 11-a-side, and your team are getting hammered. You’re looking at the referee begging to hear the full-time whistle; pleading for the humiliation to stop. You might even be a good team, but you’ve had a bad day in the office and have totally given up.

It’s rare that teams will take pity; rare that they care about your misery, the opposition just want to play for as long as possible, they’re thriving off the free flowing attacking football. We’re humans after all, and greed is sadly in our DNA.

Such defeats normally result in an awkward walk to the changing room for the losing side, a message of encouragement in the WhatsApp group as a generic ‘heads-up, there’s always next week’.

Well, there isn’t a next week for the manager of a side who wasn’t on the receiving end of such a thrashing; instead, the manager who delivered a 25-0 hammering to an under-11 side has just lost his job after the youngster’s club hierarchy decided it wasn’t in the ‘spirit of the game’:

“We believe in encouraging respect for your opponents. After the result, we decided that the manager should leave,”

— Pablo Alcaide, part of the club’s management who was speaking to Spanish paper, El Pais

The Spanish teams are both from Valencia, as Serranos B inflicted a 25-goal defeat on Benicalap C – a side who had previously conceded 222 goals from 30 matches.

It would appear – and rightly s0 – that the sacked coach was disappointed with the decision, after his lawyer argued that he instructed his players not to press the opposition outside of their own half.

Such protests were in vain, as the coach officially lost his job today according to the Spanish papers.

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