20 Richest Owners in American Professional Sports

So often, we as fans become obsessed with how much money professional athletes make. But we forget that behind the scenes, there is someone even richer: the owners of the teams. As much as players like Kevin Durant, Andrew Luck, and Clayton Kershaw make, the person who signs their paychecks is wealthier than most professional athletes could ever imagine.

Most of the time, owners of sports franchises make their fortune in another industry and then buy a team merely as an investment opportunity or a way to have some fun with their money. Just look at Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun? The bottom line is that owners of pro sports teams are filthy rich beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations, even the players. Check out just how much some of these owners are worth:


So, which one is your favorite owner?

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