Fernando Rodney unstoppable since off-field milestone

How does a man who averaged 20 saves the last two years accomplish that milestone three months into this Major League season? The answer will make you swell with pride.

Arizona Diamondbacks Closer Fernando Rodney is having a career resurgence this year. The reason: ‘Murica.

On May 2, Dominican born Rodney became an American Citizen. On a recent road trip stop in the Nation’s Capitol, Rodney made it official after almost 20 years in Major League Baseball.

Since then, both he and the Diamondbacks have been on a tear, including a current seven-game win streak. Rodney has been other-worldly. He has not given up a run in 17 appearances and 16 and 2/3 innings of work.

Is it the stars? Is the stripes?

If you think this is coincidence, think again. Uncle Sam has been propelling Rodney to sights not seen since Rodney tallied 48 saves in 2014 for the Seattle Mariners. As a red-blooded American, Rodney has a .48 WHIP. He leads the league in saves since becoming a citizen above the fruited plain.

Arizona’s top closer has led the Diamondbacks to the third best record in baseball. Since Rodney elected to make hotdogs and fireworks his favorite July activity, Arizona is winning at a 65% clip. The only thing hotter is a bald eagle’s wings flying over the Sonoran desert in celebration of America’s newest citizen.

Most experts will look at a specific three letter acronym to tell the story of a pitcher’s effectiveness. Who knew they were looking at the wrong one. It wasn’t ERA, but rather USA.


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