We sat down with WWE star Jack Swagger: the All-American hero

Under the WWE banner there’s a great deal of pressure on performers to succeed at the highest level. Some crumble under the pressure meanwhile others thrive, and this man certainly knew how to make the most of his tenure with the company. We are, of course, referring to former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger.

We spoke with the All-American about all things pro wrestling, in addition to some tidbits that people may not know when it comes to the former Money in the Bank holder.

Swagger, who first began his WWE journey in 2006, accomplished some truly great things during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment. From world titles to being a part of the same WrestleMania match as Stone Cold, Jack’s career is the perfect example of how you never quite know what’s around the corner.

Following the 35-year-old’s departure from WWE a few months back, many questions have been floating around the internet wrestling community when it comes to the future of such a promising talent.

Here’s a few snippets from the chat, and you can find the full interview above.

On his original goals in WWE:

“I wanted to add my mark, you know? I knew there was going to be ups and downs, as with most jobs in life. I didn’t really think about championships, I didn’t think about the Hall of Fame, I just really wanted to find a way to transcend wrestling generations.”

On the controversial reaction to his Real American gimmick:

“The whole Real American idea was mine – it was an idea I had, and I hired someone to write it for me. It was way more in depth than just the political immigration part of it. Yeah it’s very controversial, saying some things that culturally aren’t the most helpful things to society, but you know there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

“If you’re looking for a wrestling storyline, you want to send lightning bolts through people. You don’t want comfortable and cosy, so it worked very well.”

On a possible mixed martial arts career:

“I have to consider fighting, because it’s such a game changer. If I can do both then why not? It’s only going to help my pro wrestling career, and I’ve been training now for about four months and working towards something. It’s very exciting, I wish I would’ve started sooner. It’s who I am and it’s something I got away from.”

On regrets from his WWE tenure:

“I wish I would’ve stood up and said ‘hey, don’t break up the Real Americans’ but I didn’t, and then I wish I would’ve said ‘hey this thing with me and Rusev might be bigger than than you guys think’ but I didn’t. Other than that, for the most part I try and go through life without regretting anything because you can’t do anything about it.”

So the question remains: what’s next for Jack Swagger? He’s got a lot of cards on the table and the future looks incredibly bright, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the next chapter unfolds.

For the Australian fans among us, you can still see Jack and a number of other top names on the remaining dates of the House of Hardcore tour.

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