Yell0wstaR Retires From Pro Play With The Best CV In The eSports Business

Bora “Yell0wstaR” Kim has announced his retirement from professional eSports, taking with him an undisputed reputation for professionalism and an astonishing CV. YellOwStaR is widely regarded as one of the best European League of Legends players of all time, with a career spanning over every competitive season to date. As Fnatic’s team captain hangs up his mouse for the last time, we take a look back at the accolades and narratives Yell0wstaR has enjoyed over the years.

Yell0wstaR’s retirement did not come as a shock. In addition to rumours that the Fnatic legend may yet assume a coaching position within Paris Saint-Germain’s new eSports division, the team captain has continually indicated his desire to draw a line under his playing career for the past two seasons.

After two disappointing splits, firstly with Team SoloMid in North America before returning to Fnatic for the summer of Season 6, fans were bracing themselves for Yell0wstaR’s seemingly inevitable retirement. Admittedly, Yell0wstaR’s final season was fraught with problems, but it shouldn’t be what people remember – it was a blip in an otherwise fantastic career filled with many achievements.

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

One glance at Bora “Yell0wstaR” Kim’s CV quickly identifies the Fnatic captain as one of the most influential players to have ever set foot onto a competitive eSports stage. Yell0w has fought through five World Championships with three different teams, qualified for seven LCS finals across two regions, winning five of them.

YellOwStaR started his eSports career on Against All Authority as a passionate AD Carry, sealing a spot in history after placing second in the first ever League of Legends World Championship. After brief spells with Millennium and SK Gaming, Yell0w joined Fnatic in January 2013, in what was set to be the start of a golden era, later switching to his iconic role as a support and shot caller.

“Bora got most definitely rewarded for his efforts as Fnatic took the 2015 Summer Split by storm, winning each and every one of their games for a perfect 18-0 split.

“It’s a record that still holds true and most likely will for a very long time to come. The MVP of the split award with Bora’s name on it was the cherry on top, commemorating his performance in- and outside of the game.”

Fnatic Official Statement

Source: Fnatic
Source: Fnatic

After leading Fnatic to the 2015 World Championship semifinals, YellOwStaR was keen to experience a new environment, joining Team SoloMid’s all-star lineup in December 2015. A rocky 2015 NA LCS Spring Split ended in a second place finish, but it was clear Yell0wstaR was not bedding into the team as anticipated.

YellOwStaR returned to Europe to a fanfare, re-joining Fnatic for the remainder of the 2016 season. Fnatic were wounded by their losses of 2015, struggling to place 5th-6th in the playoffs. The loss meant that the sixth World Championship would be the first that YellOwStaR would not attend as a player and indeed in that moment, the Fnatic legend decided to call time on his professional career:

“…today the situation is different. I’m now 24, and to be completely honest with you, I am feeling more and more exhausted after hours of playing.

“Everything has become more difficult to do for the last few months even though my inner motivation is still as strong as on the first day – that I can promise you.

“So after long hours of thinking, support from friends and family, I have made up my mind. After 336 official games, it is time to tell you all that I am putting an end to my professional playing career.”

Bora “Yell0wstaR” Kim

Source: Fnatic
Source: Fnatic

The impressive CV of Bora “Yell0wstaR” Kim reads as follows:


  • Season 1 World Championship (Finalist with AaA vs Fnatic – 1:2)


  • Season Two Regional Finals (Finalist with SK Gaming vs Moscow Five – 0:2)


  • Season 3 World Championship (Semifinalists with Fnatic vs Royal Club – 1:3)
  • LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Playoffs (1st place with Fnatic vs Lemondogs – 3:1)
  • LCS Europe Season 3 Spring Playoffs (1st place with Fnatic vs Gambit Gaming – 3:2)
  • IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Katowice (Semifinalists with Fnatic vs Azubu Blade – 2:1)


  • 2014 EU LCS Summer Playoffs (2nd place with Fnatic vs Alliance – 1:3)
  • All-Star Paris 2014 (Semifinalists with Fnatic vs SKT1 – 0:2)
  • 2014 EU LCS Spring Playoffs (1st place with Fnatic vs SK Gaming – 3:1)
  • IEM Season VIII – World Championship (2nd place with Fnatic vs KT Rolster Bullets – 0:3)


  • 2015 Season World Championship (Semifinalists with Fnatic vs KOO Tigers – 0:3)
  • 2015 EU LCS Summer Playoffs (1st place with Fnatic vs Origen – 3:2)
  • 2015 Mid-Season Invitational (Semifinalists with Fnatic vs SKT1 – 2:3)
  • 2015 EU LCS Spring Playoffs (1st place with Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love – 3:2)


  • 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs (2nd place with Team SoloMid vs CLG – 2:3)

Yell0wstaR will forever be remembered as one of the most decorated and legendary supports in the history of competitive League of Legends.

His inspiring ability to play at the highest level of play for every split, whilst being a capable leader and shotcaller for the team has the set benchmark for professionalism within eSports for many years to come.

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