The New York Knicks are the most toxic franchise in sports

There isn’t a lot to love in New York. The Jets are doing their best impression of an NBA franchise by tanking, Mets players players can’t put on a jersey without getting hurt, and the Nets don’t have a draft pick until you and everyone you love is dead. Still, there is no franchise in New York, or the rest of the country for that matter, that is as toxic as the Knicks. 

You can use every single cliche to describe the Knicks and the disarray the franchise is currently in. Dumpster fire, train wreck, car crash, whichever you heart desires. It still wouldn’t be enough to fully encapsulate the sh*t show that is the New York Knicks. From on court play to the front office, the Knicks make Real World look like kindergarten nap time in comparison. Remember that brief stint where Brittany Spears shaved her head and completely went psycho? That’s the point the Knicks have reached.

Every single part of the organization is just a nightmare at this point. The black sludge that is the Knicks leaks down from the top, and touches everything in it’s path. Just look how James Dolan runs his team. You probably don’t have the full year it would take to describe just how bad this man has been, but there’s a few things you can touch on. Like the fact that he didn’t even care about the NBA Draft this year.

What a perfect time for a show! It’s not like you have the future of your organization to worry about. Instead, Dolan hits that harmonica like he has no care in the world. Realistically, he doesn’t. The man didn’t treat former greats well, why would he care about his new franchise point guard? Maybe Frank Ntilikina will get that Charles Oakley treatment the Garden is famous for dishing out.


While allowing Dolan to control a franchise is like giving a toddler access to nuclear launch codes, there has been no mistake he’s made in recent memory more detrimental to the organization than letting Phil Jackson run the show. It truly takes a talented man to take the Knicks and make them worse. It’s actually admirable.

Jackson has made some good moves through the draft, like drafting Kristaps Porzingis, who has turned into an absolute stud. What do you do when you strike gold in the draft? Simple! You do everything in your power to make sure that franchise-changing player wants absolutely nothing to do with the organization. That’s the Jackson way!


When you have a 21-year-old phenom who can stretch the floor and puts up highlight after highlight you don’t trade him. It’s that simple. You trade for draft picks in order to find players like Porzingis. Yet Phil Jackson has such a bad relationship with him that he has backed himself into a corner where he has to explore trade options. Porzingis didn’t skip his exit interview because he doesn’t like New York. He doesn’t like Phil Jackson.

Normally you’d side with the President of the operation rather than a player, but we’re also talking about the same man who signs crackheads.


Don’t forget about the albatross that is Joakim Noah’s contract, or the big time trade that brought Derrick Rose to New York. Everything he touches gets worse.

Why would any single free agent ever want to come to New York to play for the Knicks? You have the worst owner in sports who bans former Knicks from Madison Square Garden, a President of operations who is despised by the players he plays for, and a fan base that is so bitter and tortured by this organization that they boo their franchise player?

Literally every single part of the franchise is the worst in sports. Fans, ownership, and those in charge of player personnel.

If a player willingly signs with the Knicks, someone should just give them a reassuring hug, a phone call from a loved one to check on them, or maybe a trip to the nearest psychiatric ward.  There’s gotta be something wrong upstairs if they think the right move for their career is to put on a Knicks jersey and play for this team.

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