Who is Father Time coming for next?

After nearly a quarter-century of a career, Father Time appears to have finally gotten Bartolo Colon. It begs the question, who’s next?

Father Time. No matter how hard an athlete tries, how many drugs they might try to take, how hard they try to train, Father Time is undefeated. He always gets every single one of them, at some point. Many have tried to outrun him: Rickey Henderson, Barry Bonds, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and right now, Tom Brady. But, they all have fallen victim to Father Time. Finally, in his 21st season, Bartolo Colon appears to have succumbed to Father Time. For the season so far, Colon has a record of 2-7 with a 7.78 ERA. The question now is, who is Father Time coming for next?

There is no perfect way to gauge exactly when a career starts, or when it ends. A various amount of factors come into play. For these individuals, those factors are all in play at the moment, and for many of them, 2017 could very well be it.

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