Wild West: Pro athletes’ best Tweets before they were drafted

The draft is always great for every fan before it starts. For those who have early picks, you finally get rewarded for watching your team blow more than a pornstar for an entire season. If you’re a winner, you get to either get excited about bringing in yet another player, or you can just bask in the glory of last season one more time before the offseason continues. No matter which slot you find yourself in, everyone ends up a winner thanks to the few prospects who don’t go back and delete old tweets. 

The phrase “you’re the real MVP” gets thrown around a lot to pretty much anybody who’s ever done anything slightly above average in their lives, and has essentially been beat to death. But in this scenario, that phrase has to come out of the grave Undertaker style, because the people who scroll through years of tweets on a draftee’s Twitter account for the sole purpose of diggin up some internet gold are the real MVPs. Without further ado, here are the top exposed draft tweets from the past year.

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Look, people who just get drafted aren’t millionaires yet, they’re kids. Still, you have to just take a peek into the future and realize what’s coming your way. You have agents and publicists at that point. Employ somebody to find those bad boys and delete them. It truly isn’t a complicated task. As a matter of fact, my services are available for the small price of 20 bucks. I’ll run through those tweets purge style, save you from an awkward interview, and we part ways as friends. My venmo’s open. Just let me know.

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