Could Usain Bolt continue after the World Championships?

The fastest man on the planet, along with the biggest entertainer on the planet. Usain Bolt is simply the face of athletics, and has revolutionised the sport since breaking the 100 metre world record in 2008 when the Jamaican ran 9.69 seconds in Beijing.

Along the 30-year-old’s dominance in the 100m, comes with his dominance in the 4×100, and 200, added with some chicken nuggets and pre-race entertainment that matches the quality of his athleticism.

Simply irreplaceable.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Away from Bolt’s box office charisma, his most incredible moment in sport was when the Jamaican smashed his own world record in Berlin, running 9.58 seconds.

With the timing coming at the World Championships in 2009, it has still yet to be challenged; a record that saw London organisers sell tickets to children at £9.58 for Bolt’s ‘swansong’ at the 2017 World Championships.

With Bolt’s finale coming this summer, the thought of the Jamaican exiting the athletics scene is a big blow for the sport; the poster boy, the marquee man of a sport for nearly a decade that sells stadiums and brings in the commercial big guns.

However, it could well be that London is not Bolt’s final bow out. The Jamaican was speaking to the BBC, and hinted that there may be more to come from the 200 and 100 metre world record holder:

“We [Bolt’s coach, Glen Mills] haven’t fully made up our mind on what we’re doing yet,”

What Bolt has achieved in the sport points to all boxes ticked from his point of view, and the fact the Jamaican is not competing in the 200 metres at the World Championship certainly suggests a winding down in what could be his final meet.

However, with such a demand for Bolt to stay in athletics, and with such a big fan base, there must be so many people in the athlete’s ear begging him to not hang his spikes just yet.


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