Skateboarding accident leads 8Booth to dangerous new heights

Andrew McLean

8Booth has gained notoriety around the world for pushing his limits and testing his fears. However, if it wasn’t for a mistake on a skateboard the world may have never known this death-defying jumper. 

8Booth has shocked millions online, jumping off of homes, cliffs and high-rise buildings into bodies of water. But what led this Southern Californian to seek adrenaline as an occupation, rather than making an honest living the way most Americans do?

He is aware that many people view his maneuvers to be dangerous, foolish and irresponsible. But that doesn’t hinder his approach.

“A lot of people think it’s stupid, but you know what I think it’s stupid to sit a cubicle all day.”


Before reaching internet fame, 8Booth was making a consistent living at a high-end restaurant. After experiencing a brutal skateboarding accident, slamming into the back of a vehicle on his way work, 8Booth suffered a broken hand. That day at work after accidentally knocking over a glass of coke, the frustration reach its limit. He had enough.

“Something either shut off or switched on. I said I’m done with this. I’m devoting my life to filming, 100 percent.”


His career of filming stunts began at Table Rock Beach, in Laguna Beach, California. 8Booth had been thinking about this jump for over 2 years. When he noticed kids jumping off the rock into the ocean, he got the feeling; today would be the day.

8booth found a passageway to climb atop a beachside home. After peering down over 100 feet at the kids, rocks, and the ocean below, he mustered up the confidence and leaped.

“Right then my ego got a hold of me, I thought I was a professional… I just started like hitting sh*t.”


Soon after he would begin to set the internet ablaze with his outlandish stunts. 8booth sought out the scariest, most death-defying feats to accomplish, then accomplished them. With that, his adrenaline rose along with his YouTube views.

Not only is it a risk to make the jumps, it’s also difficult to avoid getting caught. Soon enough 8Booth would succumb to both risks.

booth arrest

One morning after getting in his car to grab a cup of coffee, he noticed cars he didn’t recognize blocking his street. As men approach his vehicle, it dawned on him: this was the law and they weren’t approaching him to say what big fans they are.

8Booth received two counts of unauthorized entry and one count of trespassing. The arrest hindered his privacy, giving the public a glimpse of his personal life, with his name and mugshot plastered on the nightly news.

Shortly after his arrest, 8Booth attempted to make a heinous 4-story jump. He miscalculated his destination and landed on his ankles, shattering them both.

With his ankles in shambles, he crawled to the parking garage and found help.  Two civilians drove him halfway to the hospital before realizing he needed major medical attention. They called an ambulance, which transported him to Mission Hospital.

Though he is down, he is not out. As long as they’re thrills in this world 8Booth will be there to seek them.

“Nothing will stop me from doing what I love, not even death itself.”


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