Klay Thompson is dumbing out in China after signing $80 million shoe deal

Imagine a world where Klay Thompson is the life of the party, arm wrestles girls, performs choreographed dance moves and attempts 360 dunks – because it happened!

After winning his second NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson isn’t celebrating in the most conventional way. While we’ve seen Steph Curry on a beach and KD spend time with his family, one half of the “Splash Brothers” has embarked on an entire press run in China. Why? Well, it seems he’s resigned an $80 million dollar shoe contract with Atna, his long time sponsor. The only issue is “China Klay Thompson” is America’s favorite version of Klay. No seriously, where was all this personality during the regular season?! In fact, Klay looks like he’s having so much fun in China, he may never come back.

News flash, China: Klay likes to dance. And he likes to dance a lot. Watching Klay dance is both painful and oddly entertaining. It’s like driving past a car wreck, you don’t want to look but you can’t look away. Whether it’s choreographed dances or just Klay busting some moves on his own, China Klay has left his inhibitions in the United States.

China Klay is also the life of the party just in case you were wondering, pass him a mic and he knows exactly how to hype up a crowd (who may or may not know what he’s saying of course):

Another little tid bit about China Klay, he’s super athletic! Okay, just kidding. There’s really no justification for this failed attempt at a 360 dunk. But, definitely an A for effort, kind of.

Last but not least, China Klay is either super strong or just very ticklish. It seems he has met his match during an impromptu arm wrestling contest. Granted, she cheated, but his reaction is just another reason why China Klay is awesome.

Klay Thompson may be a skilled sharp shooter that now owns not one, but two NBA Championship rings. And as impressive as all that is, China Klay is the real superstar. He has the personality, the moves and the confidence that we’ve just never seen before. Klay’s clearly living it up in China. Let’s hope the Warriors GM is paying close attention because the way things are going, Klay may never return!

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