Freeride: Risk it for the biscuit

Adrenaline is pulsing through his veins, the wind lapping at his face, his hands vibrating over the handle bars, flying, flying, flying. This, is how Kyle Katsandris became an addict.

“Gotta risk it to make it anywhere in this life. You gotta do something that other people don’t wanna do.”

It only took one jump to get him hooked and only one more jump to become an internet sensation. After Kyle dangerously jumped the 60 freeway in California, the news went wild with coverage and he was put on the map. Honestly, that’s how CLICKON discovered him as well, but the question we wanted answered was why? What drives someone to risk their life for a moment of success?

Freeride_Still 4

So we asked him, and surprisingly enough, it’s not about the fame. Obviously he wants the recognition for pushing the boundaries in a sport where not even the pros are attempting what he’s doing. But he’s not doing these jumps for the air time, well, it’s the IN air time he’s doing it for.

He couldn’t even truly describe the force that’s pushing him to keep going and keep doing the stunts that no one else has the balls to do, but the one thing he kept returning to was the adrenaline. There’s just something about jumping gaps between 100-150 ft, 30-40 ft in the air, with hang times of over 3-4 seconds that pulls him back in every time. Not everyone can say they can fly, but Kyle can.

Of course, he knows the risk. He’s lived through the risk and still, he will not stop.

Freeride_Still 8

There is a quality in Kyle that not everyone can relate to. The need to live an unconventional life, to seek for more, and then do something about it. There’s this hive mentality that some people just can’t abide by and will not abide by. The thrill seekers, the daredevils, the adrenaline junkies, the renegades. This, is Kyle Katsandris. Who are you?

“It doesn’t  make sense to live a mediocre life. No, I’m not gonna do that. And I never will.”

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