Is the fix in? Vegas wins big after series of “convenient” MLB errors

Last week Justin Upton made a few errors on some real routine stuff right at the end of the game to blow the over/under. Then my Twitter blew up.

Winners weren’t impacted, but man – did Vegas make a killing since the public had the under. I follow a lot of guys in the gambling community (maybe you read the article about Brendan Future) and they started chatting right off the bat. Curiosity will eventually kill me.

The Tigers were up 7-0 going into the ninth and the over/under was set at 9.5.  Upton had a minor error that let someone on base to begin with, but that seemed genuine. Then all of the sudden he drops a completely routine fly ball that lets one last run score before the end of the game. The Tigers won 7-3 instead of 7-2 or even if they closed the game strong and finished 7-0.

Upton is at the end of his career. You could easily argue that he was tired, distracted, or maybe has a minor injury that kept him from catching that. But it could also be argued that there’s someone in his pocket, someone connected to the sports gambling world, someone who is probably scary and looks like Mickey Rourke.

Of course, this could all be ridiculous coincidence, too. The “Twitter Research” I did is probably not considered scientific by any means. But it always seems like Vegas comes out on top, even at the last second. I mean, how the hell do they cut it so close all the time but always come out the winner?

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

I’m not much of a conspiracy guy. I don’t think Bigfoot is real, I don’t think the Earth is really flat, and I never believed anything about playing records backwards to call up Satan; but sometimes I fall victim to sports being fixed. Not all sports, just some sports, once in a while.

Or maybe I should just stop betting the over/under?

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