Lakers finally find identity in Lonzo Ball in post-Kobe era

The Lakers organization is one that has been in need of a major facelift in it’s recent years. After fans have endured losing seasons with players that they can’t emotionally invest in, during this year’s NBA draft they may have picked the one guy that can bring the spark back to the iconic organization: Lonzo Ball.

If you let Lonzo’s father Lavar Ball tell it, Lonzo’s been bred to be a Laker.The helicopter dad has been speaking Lonzo’s Laker future into existence since he was a child. There’s nothing ordinary about Lonzo Ball and the way he and his family operate. From independent shoe lines, down to their ability to generate press is already causing a stir. Even before the draft, openly admitting he only wants to play for the Lakers is a gamble most young players wouldn’t risk. Just the idea of being in the NBA is enough for most, but the overly confident move may have been what ultimately was the greatest selling point to another well known Laker, Magic Johnson.

With all that said, clearly everyone in Los Angeles is on the same page when it comes to Lonzo because in an introductory press conference Magic Johnson has already dubbed the rookie as the “new face of the organization.” He’s even gone as far as to say he expects a retired Ball jersey in the rafters. And to be frank, Magic has a point.

First of all, the city has already embraced him as their new star player. He’s a hometown kid that looks to have a good head on his shoulders. Not to mention he’s a 6’6” pass first point guard. We all saw what he did at UCLA in just one season.

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It’s evident that the Lakers has been missing a very vital piece to their once winning formula, star power. And though at just 19 years old, Lonzo brings plenty of that. Love it or hate it, the kid is a star. He, along with his family just seem to have the juice! Mostly because of this guy:

We’ve all heard of the outlandish proclamations Lavar is known for. But in the weirdest way, that has clearly set Lonzo up to ignore pressure and still remain true to himself. That sentiment is true now more than ever. With the Lakers putting all their eggs in Lonzo’s basket, it feels like he’s been prepared to perform on a big stage his whole life and should make being the face of the Lakers a seamless transition.

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