Scandal, ego threaten to strangle talented Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys always have been, and always will be, larger than life. Football is just different when you’re on the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not the same kind of “do your job” kind of mentality that comes with joining this team like the Patriots. It’s more like a blind sense of entitlement because you’re on “America’s Team.” While the Cowboys’ success in the past has paved the way for their future as the most profitable franchises in sports, it’s doing nothing but burying the potential this team has. 

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off one of their most impressive seasons in recent memory. They went from the basement of the NFC East to top dogs in the conference behind the offensive duo of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott who are bound to give teams nightmares for a decade or two. Fast forward to this year, and the Cowboys are projected to be best in the conference once again, with the phrase “Super Bowl bound” being shouted from every Dallas fan across the nation. It’s like one season has already given the Cowboys this legitimacy they haven’t earned. No matter what happens, it’s something the Cowboys can’t seem to shake.

Granted, the Cowboys have had success in the past. They’re tied for the second most Super Bowls out of any franchise, and that’s worth something. It’s actually worth a ton, roughly a few billion dollars.


It’s just not worth as much as people think it is football-wise. It’s like the front office, players, and even fans don’t realize the phrase “everything’s bigger in Dallas” is just a phrase. They take it as a lifestyle. While all those trophies the team earned in the 90s still shine bright enough if you stand close enough to them, it’s gotten this team nowhere. A team that hasn’t gotten past the divisional round in over 20 years shouldn’t exactly act the way they do.

But that’s just not the Cowboy way of doing things. This team takes the slightest bit of success and parades around like they’ve been anointed as the second coming of Christ because they won a few regular season games. Sure, Elliott and Prescott are bound to be a staple within the offense for the future, but can we pump the breaks on Super Bowl expectations after their rookie season? Maybe the bad boys of the backfield can focus on actually signing autographs themselves and staying out of the negative spotlight for at least a week before they decide which hand they’ll hoist the Lombardi Trophy in.


Optimism is one thing, blind faith is another, and then there’s the ungodly amount of certainty for a team that doesn’t have a defense. I’m sure you can guess which one the Cowboys are.

It isn’t just the expectations of the fans and media that needs to be tempered. It’s the way the team handles itself as a whole. Every single time you look towards the Cowboys, there’s some sort of drama. There are more eyes on them than there are on the majority of teams in the NFL, but not in the way Dallas thinks. People are always paying attention to teams like the Seahawks, Packers and Patriots because they’re good. People are always looking at the Cowboys because they’re the athletic version of the Jersey Shore, a walking sh*t show everyone will never understand but can’t take their eyes off of.

Just look at some of the off the field issues in the past year or two. Dak Prescott had a number of off field issues in the past, got a DUI in March of last year, had a messy breakup with his girlfriend where she dubbed him “Mr. Fake Humble,” and now has this fake-autograph nonsense to deal with. Elliott is no different, considering he’s still being investigated for domestic violence and could face suspension. Both of them even look like saints if you take a look at the defense, with linebacker Damien Wilson coming in hot with a 4th of July weapons charge.

Nothing screams “Super Bowl” like one of your starting linebackers forgetting this is real life and not Grand Theft Auto while he was trying to hit a woman with his truck and wielding around a rifle. The problem isn’t that they can’t contain players like this. The problem is that this is the norm in Dallas. If you aren’t running into the law or gaining unwanted attention, are you really even one of the Cowboys?


Players don’t just run into the law. They run into the law and get away with it when it comes to discipline handed down from within the organization. The players just run around and do what they want while the media has an absolute field day. This isn’t anything new. Just look at last year with Rolando McClain. He showed up to training camp out of shape, failed another drug test and added more games to his suspension, openly admitted he was addicted to Purple Drank, and was still on the roster? Does he have like nude pictures of Jerry Jones that he passed down to the rest of the team? Any other reason just doesn’t make sense.

Players are allowed to live without rules or consequences in Dallas while their unchecked egos just try to make plays in order to reach those lofty expectations. The craziest part of Cowboys culture isn’t about letting players act like it’s the one day of the year during “The Purge” or the entire team looking the other way. It’s when people are shocked when they don’t impress year after year, as if no one has been paying attention since the 1996 Super Bowl. Whether Cowboy fans like it or not, it’s this bright-lights attitude that’s going to bring this team crashing and burning down to earth this season, while you all stand by the rubble and wonder why.

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