The all-time greatest sports video games

BOOMSHAKALAKA! If that phrase doesn’t bring to mind one of the all-time greatest sports video games, you’re either in possession of a birth certificate stamped after the year 1990 or really missed out on life.

The game in question, of course, is Midway’s 1993 masterpiece, NBA Jam. A Marv Albert-esque hype man of an announcer, superhuman, flying-down-from-the-rafters dunks, a ball that burst into flames—NBA Jam had it all. If you’re unfamiliar, it looked something like this.

You can bet it makes this list of the all-time greatest sports video games. To see where and what joins the Mark Turnell-designed gem, check out the rundown.

When we’re not playing sport, when we’re not watching sport, playing these games are the best alternative.

Obsession can turn into an addiction for all of them; and you know you’re totally hooked when they’re the first thing on your mind before bed and the first thing when you wake up.

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