The Ball family is getting their own reality TV show

If you thought the Ball Family was a flash in the pan, you may want to think again. They’re more like lightning in a bottle. So sit tight and get very comfortable because the Balls will be coming to a screen near you with their new reality show on the way. Yep, you read that right. The Balls have officially secured a new reality show.

The mystique that surrounds the Ball family is undeniable. So much so, Facebook has signed on to produce the series. According to Deadline, in an attempt to expand into video content Facebook has agreed to produce two shows, one of them being a docuseries that follows LaMelo, LiAngelo, Lonzo and Lavar Ball. This next step is clearly yet another win for the Ball family, especially Lavar. He’s managed to turn his braggadocious demeanor into cold hard cash. This obviously won’t be the first time Lavar and his family will be on TV. If his WWE appearance is any indication of what may come, the Ball’s may have a hit show on their hands:

Let’s face it, when the camera’s on this guy, he performs and we can’t help but watch. Though there’s no word on what the show will be called, Lavar has been shopping around the idea of having cameras follow him and his family since March of this year:

In theory, the Balls have the perfect formula for a reality show. The eldest son, Lonzo has just signed a $33 million dollar rookie contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for four years and is becoming the focal point of the family. LiAngelo will be attending UCLA in the fall and is en route to follow in his older brother’s footsteps going “one and done” but still very much is considered the “underdog” or “forgotten one” of the family.

LaMelo, the youngest (and the most popular brother) looks to have a huge season at Chino Hills High School while Lavar the manager/PR guru/hype-man runs the household (and business endeavors) and takes care of his wife Tina who suffered a stroke back in February.

If all of this feels a little familiar, that’s because it is. There’s another reality TV family that’s wildly popular on social media and share the same initials; the Kardashians proved anything’s possible if you have an audience willing to watch.

This new opportunity for a reality show just seems like the next step for the Ball family, let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

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