Teenage skater suffers broken bones at hands of riot police at San Francisco skating event

Is riot gear ever needed for a group of skateboarders? Are a large number of law enforcement officers brandishing weapons ever necessary? For decades, skateboarders have been viewed as delinquents riding toys for enjoyment, destroying property and committing the crime of having too much fun.

Is it believable that skateboarders are maliciously violent to the public? The truth is skateboarders don’t create a threat to anyone but themselves when they’re chucking their carcass down a stair set. An honest question that’s asked is why approach a group of skateboarders in such a negative and provoking manner.

Law enforcement officers should be trained to defuse situations not exacerbate them. That’s exactly what happened when a San Francisco Police Department officer purposely stepped in front of a skateboarder speeding down a hill at speeds over 20 mph, knocking him off his board and into a police cruiser. The force of the impact sent @anthiiny (the victim’s Instagram name) soaring over 20 feet in the air, onto the pavement.

@anthiiny suffered a broken leg which will require surgery. No disciplinary actions have been handed out to the officer.

What further leads to the problem of law enforcement and the covering up of their mistakes is what was broadcasted on a local San Francisco news station. “Police officer attacked.” It’s evident the cop chose to assault this 17-year-old kid, and the news chose to paint the cop as the victim and the kid as the attacker.

NBC called it a “rally” that turned into a standoff. Many other news outlets labeled the gathering as a riot. It was neither, and the falsification of this incident amongst many media outlets should leave them embarrassed.

Allegedly the officer was hospitalized and two patrol cars were damaged. The extent of the damage is not yet known.

The event was an annual gathering amongst the skateboard community. Hundreds met up at Mission Delores Park in San Francisco to ride skateboards down the hills. Thrasher Magazine editor-in-chief and skateboard legend Jake Phelps took a spill after picking up too much speed skating down the hill. He was hospitalized but it since has been confirmed that he is ok.

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