Floyd Mayweather’s best knockouts of all-time

Floyd Mayweather is predicting a knockout of Conor McGregor in his upcoming match with the UFC star. While that remains to be seen, Mayweather has certainly accumulated his fair share of knockouts over his career. He isn’t 49-0 with 26 KOs for nothing. Here are 9 of his best:

Mayweather vs. Ayala

Ayala was making his pro debut in this one, while Mayweather was entering his fourth pro bout. It was a rude welcome for Ayala, however, as Mayweather knocked him out in the second round with a superb left-hand blow. Ayala may have never recovered from the hit, finishing his career 0-4.

Mayweather vs. Giepert

In Mayweather’s sixth fight, he squared off against Bobby Giepert, but the southpaw simply could not hang. Giepert was knocked down twice by righty shots and lasted just one round in the ring. On to the next one.

Mayweather vs. Hatton

In the 2007 WBC Welterweight Championship, Mayweather took on Ricky Hatton, an aggressive fighter who entered the ring undefeated. He pressured Floyd all night, but sustained a big left-hand hook in the 10th round that knocked him down and then another when he got back to his feet. Undefeated, no more.

Mayweather vs. Juuko

In this 1999 match for the WBC Super Featherweight title, Mayweather took on Justin Juuko. While the fight lasted nine rounds, Mayweather proved too much for the Ugandan, sending him crashing down with a solid blow to the face. Thanks for coming, Justin.

Mayweather vs. N’Dou

Mayweather entered the ring in his last lightweight fight against an established star in N’Dou, who was 31-1 with 30 knockouts. Seven rounds in, Floyd landed four strong right punches that landed N’Dou on the mat unable to fight on.

Mayweather vs. Manfredy

Angel Manfredy had not lost a fight in the four years prior to this match with Mayweather, who was defending his Super Featherweight World Championship. Floyd took matters into his own hands in the second round, blitzing a shocked Manfredy and knocking him out. Long live the champ.

Mayweather vs. Duran

It took just a little over one minute for Tony Duran to find out Mayweather wasn’t messing around. He tried to get up, but the ref saw the dazed look on his face and put an end to this one. One sharp right and it was over.

Mayweather vs. Rodriguez

In this fight, Mayweather took what Rodriguez gave to him and knocked him out with a vicious left hook to his body. Yet another round 1 KO for Floyd.

Mayweather vs. Cooper

Cooper simply didn’t know what he was getting himself into in this one. Mayweather knocked him down twice in the first round and the second time proved to be too much. It was Floyd’s third pro fight.

Mayweather vs. Mitchell

In his welterweight debut, Mayweather took on Sharmba Mitchell, the former junior welterweight champion. Mayweather showed that he was far too quick for Mitchell, however, knocking him around for six rounds before putting him out of misery with a body jab KO.

Mayweather has amassed quite a few memorable knockouts over his storied career. Did we miss any?

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