Who is winning the trash-talk battle so far?

Two kings of talking utter nonsense; two kings of the ‘war-of-words’ within their own sports. Extravagant ‘f–k you’ suits, and numbers on caps which had the media world second guessing was just the start of what is going to be the greatest trash-talking build up UFC or boxing has ever seen.

We’ve had Drake, cash thrown, flags stolen; we’ve even had the UFC champion prance around in a what can only be described as a polar bear outfit.

The three press conferences have certainly lived up to expectations; both Mayweather Promotions and Dana White have probably not stopped grinning ear to ear since Tuesday.

But who has come out on top so far?

The most recent face off in New York saw Money make McGregor sit very uncomfortably. Through sheer use of intimidation, experience, and a bundle of cash, Mayweather looked the more charismatic and confident in the Barclays Center.

Those who have dubbed the fight a circus act, both ringmasters delivered in New York; despite turning up 90 minutes late to their own show.

Money managed to claw back some support after a meeting in Toronto which surely dented his pride. Booed, outthought, and outwitted by McGregor in Canada saw Mayweather cut almost an awkward onlooker who was lacking a plan.

The spontaneous decision to grab an Irish flag looked desperate, and an unmeasured move that had little thought as to what message he was trying to communicate. Money simply could not afford to lose the New York battle after taking such a hammering in Toronto.

What Mayweather has done well throughout the bouts is continue the rhetoric; repetition rarely fails to fall on deaf ears, and hitting home on the point that McGregor is a perceived quitter following his tap out against Nate Diaz must be wearing away at the Irishman.

On an even more personal note, McGregor lost respect with his poorly measured comments on Mayweather’s issue of racism being directed in his direction:

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. Do they not know I’m half-black? I’m half-black from the belly button down.” — Conor McGregor

Insensitive, and difficult to find humour in such comments.

However, despite the grilling the Irishman took in New York, his almost knockout of Mayweather in Toronto, coupled with him slightly edging the conference in LA means McGregor heads in as leading the battle to London.

The constant interjection of McGregor during Mayweather’s speech in LA, targeting Money’s weak points such as his taxes and age saw McGregor humble Mayweather.

What is most gripping about this, and gives even more credit to McGregor is that he is the massive underdog, yet delivering his media duties with such defiance that its keeping talk of who will win the fight alive; it grows every day.

For that reason, McGregor is on top so far, and taming him like Mayweather did in New York will surely prove a very difficult task.

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