UFC Glasgow: Moments of the night in Scotland

When you attend a UFC event you expect to see a lot of things. Incredible knockouts, some ground work, and perhaps even a submission thrown in here or there. Sometimes they live up to the hype and sometimes they don’t – with UFC Glasgow this past weekend exceeding literally everyone’s expectations and then some.

From the word go the crowd inside of The SSE Hydro were electric, cheering on the home nation fighters whilst simultaneously booing the foreigners like they were true professional wrestling villains. Of course the audience shouldn’t necessarily factor into the success of an event given that it’s about what happens inside the octagon, but they certainly played their part.

The lone Scottish survivor

The first moment that we’re going to highlight actually features the only Scottish triumph on the entire card, which is a tad embarrassing given that it was the first bout on the Fox Sports 1 prelims. Alas we can’t take anything away from Danny Henry, who managed to survive an early onslaught from the formerly unbeaten Daniel Teymur.

Henry, who many wouldn’t have known prior to this brawl, managed to drag this contest towards Fight of the Night honours as he capitalised on Teymur’s poor conditioning throughout the remaining two rounds. It set the night up beautifully for future success from the Scots, however it wasn’t to be.

Down goes Ward

Now look, thrusting someone onto a card just because they’re pals with Conor McGregor isn’t something that should happen all too often. We understand that. Unfortunately UFC Fight Night 113 was suffering from a distinct lack of fire power, so throwing a few regional guys onto the preliminaries wasn’t going to hurt anyone – right?

Wrong. Charlie Ward, an Irishman who the fans chose to favour over his English opponent, was knocked out in a devastating manner at the hands of Galore Bofando. The man mountain threw Ward to the ground who landed square on his neck, giving the UFC faithful one of the more uncomfortable knockouts in the history of the promotion.

Flower of Scotland

National pride is something that you can’t manufacture and it’s something you need to see in order to believe. So then, if you were in the arena when Stevie Ray came out in front of that capacity crowd then you’ll know what we mean when we say that it was special.

Then, as things couldn’t get any better, the 10,000+ in attendance bellowed out a beautiful rendition of the famous Flower of Scotland song. It was as if for a split second everyone in that building united in order to get behind their ‘guy’, and even though things didn’t exactly work out we’d put money on the fact that Stevie will remember that moment for a long time.

Santiago shocks the world

The problem with the calm and calculated nature of Gunnar Nelson’s approach to mixed marital arts is that you just kind of expect him to get the job done. With his intimidating presence combined with his magnificent skill set, it’s no wonder that Gunni was heavily tipped to run through Santiago Ponzinibbio with ease on Sunday.

But then it happened. The Argentine made the most of his headline spot by knocking out the Icelandic superstar, firmly cementing himself as a top 10 welterweight in the UFC. It was a fitting conclusion to an event that, in many ways, upset the status quo – and that isn’t always a bad thing.

So what will the overall legacy of this event be moving forward? Well, for the answer to that question you’ll have to wait for the final instalment of our UFC Glasgow series.

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