Cavs can steal title in 2018 despite awful offseason

Zimran Jacob

They were going to get Paul George. Then, they were supposed to land Jimmy Butler. After that, the buzz was about Carmelo Anthony. After all that talk, they landed Jose Calderon.

It seems as though the fans in Cleveland should be shaking their heads in dismay and wondering when their city will ever capture a title again. The Cavaliers organization has begun to look outwards for their solution, but they do not need an extra piece to win another title.

The 2017 Finals was closer than people give it credit for. Kevin Durant had an amazing series. So did Steph Curry. There were a handful of small issues and turns of bad luck that killed the Cavs.

In Game 1, Cleveland gave Durant the VIP escort to the basket in transition. There’s a very simple solution to this issue that most of us learn in high school drills: stop the ball. The Warriors can shoot the lights out, but Durant driving to the hoop in a wide open lane is a sure two points.

Game 3 came down to the last few minutes which will be heavily scrutinized. LeBron was right to pass to Korver in the corner for three, but bad luck hurt them. When Kevin Durant came down the court to deliver the fatal blow, James needed to start defending him a step up from the three point line.

Despite all this, the Cavs still would have won if Durant missed the shot. If that happened, the series would have gone back to Cleveland for a Game 6, where the Cavs would ostensibly have the advantage. The series easily could have gone to 7 games.

The Cavs need to look inward for answers to their question on how to win a title. They need to work hard through the regular season instead of phoning it in like they did many times this year. The rest argument did not serve LeBron in the finals. Despite all that rest, he became winded by the sheer number of minutes he played.

Kevin Love is not the issue. Moving him would eliminate dangerous shooting and phenomenal rebounding ability. The Cavs need to hold onto him to win.

Cleveland also needs to up their defensive game. They have a miserable transition defense with a lot of room for improvement. As the ancient Japanese philosophy of Kaizen suggests, if you have a lot to improve upon, you have a lot of room for improvement.

The inclination is to look for the quick fix. The Cavs have all the parts.They just need to start playing like a team worthy of another title.

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