Ennis-Hill gains 2011 World Championship gold medal after Chernova decision

Jessica Ennis-Hill has now become a three-time World Champion gold medalist, after Tatyana Chernova has lost her appeal for testing positive for steroids during the 2011 Championships in Daegu.

The World Championship gold adds to Ennis-Hill’s past successes at Berlin and Beijing in the heptathlon, along with her Olympic gold in 2012; the 31-year-old will receive the medal at this world champs in London, August.

Speaking to the Guardian, the retired athlete’s coach was ecstatic with the ruling from the Court of Arbitration for Sport:

“Alle-bloody-luia. It’s excellent news – I thought the fillibustering would go on for ever. It just adds credence to my belief that she is the best female athlete Britain has ever produced.”

— Toni Minichiello, Ennis-Hill’s coach

For Chernova, the Russian athlete will also be stripped of her Olympic bronze medals she won in 2008 and 2012. The 29-year-old has tested positive twice for banned substances, as she beat the British athlete by 129 points in Daegu, 2011.

Following Ennis-Hill’s silver medal at the 2016 Olympics, the Sheffield-born athlete announced her retirement from athletics last October.

She only as recently as March revealed that she is pregnant with her second child, and the news of her deserved third World Championship gold medal only adds to what has been an unbelievable career for the Dame.



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