Simply the best: The top 11 fashion stars of the sports world

Sports and fashion go together hand in hand, with many people believing that the attention to detail required in both professions is what makes them so similar.

With that in mind it doesn’t seem all too surprising that many of the biggest names in sports have a fashionable side to them, and these are the best of the bunch.

Now this list was compiled by Sports Illustrated, and by comparison we shan’t pretend to possess as great of a knowledge in this department. However, we can appreciate a good suit here and there and as such we’re happy to run down the men and women who are just able to make it click when it comes to showing off their style in the public eye.

If you’re now looking back at this list wondering where it all went wrong in your life by comparison, then don’t worry – it’s entirely natural. At the end of the day these 11 individuals are in a world of their own, with their fashion presence only being matched by their phenomenal athletic ability.

Still, they probably can’t moan on the internet like we can right? It’s the little things.

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