LeBron to the Lakers changes NBA Landscape

Zimran Jacob

In a summer, the NBA world has changed. So much talent has entered the league. Many stars have changed teams. None of this comes close to the impact that the King would make if he went to Los Angeles.

LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, reached out to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. His simple message: “Let’s talk.” This is epic. This could be life-changing. The move would change the history of the league forever.

This move, one that has Lakers fans in a frenzy, could happen as early as next year if LeBron decides to opt out of his contract and take his talents to Hollywood. LeBron has been irked since the firing of Cavs GM David Griffin who was in the King’s good graces. Now, his irritation seems to be at Cleveland’s ownership for failing to add a major piece in the offseason. If all of his frustration with Dan Gilbert boils over, he could be leaving Cleveland again, thus leaving the Cavs back in the trash bin.

LeBron’s departure from Cleveland would turn the Eastern Conference into a barren wasteland as far as talent goes, but turns the West into a battlefield. With the arrival of Lonzo Ball and the emergence of a talent like Brandon Ingram, the Lakers are set to be a playoff team 3 years down the road. If LeBron joined, they would likely make the playoffs in 2019.

The main reason LeBron would never go west is that he has better chances to win with his current team. The super-Lakers would face major issues with the Warriors and Spurs and would likely not make the Conference Finals. He has better chances with Kyrie and Kevin Love. According to reports, the Cavs narrowly missed picking up Paul George which would have changed their title chances completely. A move such as this one would give them not only another scoring option, but also a top-tier defender. It seems that the Cavs are only one move away, whereas the Lakers are a total wild card with no other playoff-seasoned veterans.

That being said, the NBA fans would be treated to four games a season where LeBron faced off with the Warriors, Thunder, Spurs, and Rockets. The whole situation seems like an NBA fan’s dream. Hollywood beckons the King who has dreams of being a movie star and film and television producer which are slowly coming to fruition. The ball is in LeBron’s court.

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