Problems with Knicks deeper than Phil Jackson and James Dolan

The New York Knicks have not made it to an NBA Eastern Conference Finals since 2000 and I blame Spike Lee.

The tire fire in Madison Square Garden has only seen slight reductions in awful since then; culminating in a loss to the Pacers in the Semi Finals in 2013. That was the best they have done since that 2000 season. Since then it’s been back to the brightly burning tire fire.

James Dolan hasn’t done anyone any favors just being James Dolan. His ongoing feud with fan favorite Charles Oakley has proven that he doesn’t care much about his players, only his bottom line. He put in an aging, geriatric Phil Jackson as more of a publicity stunt than a solution. Another tire on the fire.

Maybe Dolan is just a big fan of Phil’s and that’s all it was. I said the same thing about Isiah Thomas. That worked out poorly, too.

But he can’t be the only one to blame for this fiasco. The Rangers have had pretty good season every year since the lockout. Maybe hoops just isn’t Dolan’s “thing.”

The Big Ol’ Blame Game

Everyone has been blaming everyone for the Knicks becoming a heap of dog doo. I’ve heard blame for Derek Fisher, Jeff Hornacek, Mike Woodson (who actually seemed to be the only coach to do much), Isiah, Phil, Carmelo Anthony, and the list goes on and on.

Maybe it’s just a toxic combination of all these things or maybe it’s really simple, so simple in fact that we cannot see it.

The answer to a lot of life’s problems is usually within one’s self. Looking in a mirror and doing some soul searching can help, maybe reading an intellectual book or watching a deep movie can provide some insight.

That’s why I’m pointing the finger at Spike Lee.

Why is Spike Lee to Blame?

Super fan Spike Lee has hardly missed a home game. He is just as much the face of the franchise as is Melo . He shows up whether or not the Knicks are putting an NBA caliber team on the court. That’s dedication. That’s a true fan.

But how does that help? How does any fan help their team by showing up no matter what? Stop going, stop watching, ticket sales and ratings plunge and that sends a clear message to the franchise that if they don’t clean up their act, we’re not watching anymore.

James Dolan and the NBA have no incentive to fixing the Knicks if MSG sells out damn near every night. If the money is still rolling in and other NBA owners aren’t pointing to Dolan like they pointed out the dumpy 76ers.

Spike Lee is the biggest fan Knicks fan in the world and a major public figure. If he refused to go to a Knicks game for a season, boycotting them until they fix up the mess they’ve made, it would send a huge message to fans and the Knicks staff.

There is no valor in sticking by a terrible team, especially after it has been so long. I’m looking at you Buffalo Bills fans. The valor and courage of liking a terrible team is forcing them to get better, no matter the means. That screams fanatic. Showing blind encouragement for a pile of tires on fire seems desperate and awkward.

It’s not just Mr. Lees fault that the Knicks stink, it’s every fan’s fault. But maybe if he stands up more Knicks fans will, too.

I’m standing up right now.

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