Paris Saint-Germain Announce Yell0wstaR As Their Inexperienced Head Of PSG eSports

Just a day after announcing his retirement from professional League of Legends, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim has been named as the head of Paris Saint-Germain’s new eSports division –  a seamless transition that seems to have been in the pipeline for some time. The PSG brand announced their diversification into eSports a little over a week ago, set to compete within both the travelling FIFA scene whilst making a bid for EU LCS qualification – both of which will fall under Yell0wStaR’s remit.

Paris Saint-Germain’s League of Legends roster will assume Team Huma’s slot to compete in the 2017 European Challenger Series Spring Split. Huma were dismantled in August amidst allegations that their team owner was unable to pay his employees in a timely manner, forcing him to put the EU CS spot up for sale – PSG pounced on the opportunity to make their move into eSports.

Contrary to popular belief, YellOwStaR will not be assuming a coaching role within the League of Legends team, nor will he be listed as an active player or substitute. The former Fnatic man’s role is outlined as Head of the entire PSG eSports branch – scouting new players for PSG’s League of Legends roster, managing them in their gaming house in Berlin, in addition to working with sponsors.

“The main objective of 2017 will be go to the LCS, the first League of Legends division,”

Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

YellOwStaR is widely regarded as one of the best European League of Legends players of all time, having participated in five World Championships with three different teams, and an impressive record of five EU LCS Championship wins — his influence within the scene has developed over a six-year career.

Despite his established reputation within the professional League of Legends scene, making the step from a team captain to the Head of an eSports Division-  particularly for a club with the stature of PSG – is quite a substantial career leap. In spite of his glamorous title, it’s unlikely that Yell0wStaR’s role will actually reflect his perceived status.

Granted, Yell0w has a certain degree of leadership experience from his time as a professional player, but outside of that it’s difficult to imagine that he is anything more than a face for the new eSports organisation. Yell0wStaR is far more likely to assume a Chief Gaming Officer role, using his experience and connections to find new players and give input when required.

Yell0wStaR will almost certainly be provided with a support network around him as he grows into his new role – the connections and experience he has is much more important than the management side of the operation – PSG certainly have the budget to bring in experts to deal with the ‘admin’.

As Fnatic fans bid farewell to their long-term captain, there may well be an underlying selfish disappointment that he isn’t staying involved with the management of the team in some way. Yet for all his years of dedication to Fnatic and the wider League of Legends scene,  Yell0wStaR’s next career step with Paris Saint-Germain is no less than he deserves.

Leaving one of the most endeared clubs in eSports to become Head of eSports for one of the richest clubs in the world – it’s as close as it gets the perfect career progression. Only time will tell if PSG’s new division is a serious investment by the club, but with the acquisition of Yell0wStaR, the French have assured that long standing fans will be wishing PSG eSports, and the European veteran, every success.

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