Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert’s comments are cherry on top of Cleveland’s sh-t sundae

There have been few stories in the NBA that have stuck out more than the dumpster fire that has been the Cleveland Cavaliers’ offseason. No matter where you look, it’s been a total disaster. Yet somehow, the biggest joke out of every single thing that has happened has to be Dan Gilbert having the stones to call out the Pacers on how they handled the Paul George situation. 

Every franchise has dealt with or will deal with the implosion of their franchise. Other than the Spurs, who seem to have done some sort of deal with Lucifer himself in order to remain in the playoffs until basketball stops existing, it happens quite often in the NBA. Teams rise to the top, and suddenly have to deal with the dismantling of their team. The Cavs and Dan Gilbert are on their way to their complete and utter destruction right in the middle of the best stretch the franchise has ever seen.

Gilbert has somehow managed to make every wrong move possible this offseason. It’s almost impressive, in a horrible and twisted sort of way. After the Golden State Warriors proved they were in a league of their own this season, the Cavs responded by announcing they were parting ways with their GM David Griffin, pissing off the best player of this generation in the process, and failing to hire a replacement until the end of July, weeks after free agency began.

During that stretch, the team loaded up to take on the Warriors by bringing in Jeff Green and Jose Calderon. Once they actually hired a GM in Koby Altman, his first order of business was to sign Derrick Rose. If matters couldn’t get worse, Kyrie Irving has officially gotten fed up with the sh-t show that has been the Cavs, and is looking for a trade.


Paying for season tickets for the Cavs is essentially like setting up a beach chair in the middle of a railroad track. You’re just setting yourself up to be destroyed.

There are plenty of ways to handle this kind of fall from grace. You can look to the future and hope for success then, you can blatantly lie and say you like the direction the franchise is going, or you can just admit your team is headed for a stretch which will feature college players you’ve never heard of starting for your team for a season. Somehow, Dan Gilbert took out his jackhammer and paved a different road for a team heading towards oblivion. He took the smug route by claiming the Pacers lost out on trade involving Paul George.


You know the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”?  Well Dan Gilbert is perched on top of his glass mansion that clearly has cracks in it hurling rocks at every team in the league.

This little gem of a quote came when Gilbert was introducing the team’s new GM ON JULY 26th. Free agency started 25 days earlier and the team is just bringing in the man who’s in charge of making decisions for the roster, and Dan Gilbert has the gall to call out the Pacers for their return for their superstar. When it’s all said and done, Dan Gilbert’s testicals should be donated to science for modern studies after he had the balls to make a statement like that.

Just look at Koby Altman when Gilbert drops that bomb on us. He literally laughs out loud in his boss’ face.


Could the Pacers have done better? Yes. Paul George is one of the top players in the NBA, and Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis aren’t even close to that level of player. Gilbert is still in absolutely no position to make that kind of comment.

Even if the Cavs get a huge return for Kyrie Irving or even opt to not trade him at all since he truly has no leverage, the Cavaliers are one year away from blowing up the most successful team Cleveland has ever seen, thus ending the greatest stretch in franchise history.

Maybe keeping the team that has made three straight NBA Finals and brought home the only championship ever is something Dan Gilbert and company could’ve done better with. Keep pointing out the mistakes other teams made while Kyrie Irving is egging on Steph Curry while he’s openly mocking LeBron James. Things seem just fine in Cleveland.


It’s crazy how Gilbert said the Pacers could’ve done better. Look at the last time he lost a superstar when LeBron James bolted for South Beach. He wrote the kind of angry letter your ex-girlfriend leaves on your car windshield after a bad breakup, and then continued to act like a scorned lover when he lowered the price of a LeBron James Fathead to $17.41 because 1741 was the year Benedict Arnold was born.

That’s the biggest part about this whole comment. The fact that he said Indiana “could’ve done better” comes from a man who clearly hasn’t done well himself in situations like this. At least the team’s owner isn’t having a complete breakdown like Gilbert was when his superstar made it clear he didn’t want to be there anymore.

Those comments are coming just because Indiana didn’t deal Paul George to the Cavs, which could have avoided this entire shitshow to begin with. Instead of focusing on the Pacers, maybe he should focus on Kyrie Irving returning his phone calls.


There are plenty of teams that are struggling in the NBA and have far worse projections for next season than Cleveland. It’s the fact that Dan Gilbert’s team is at the top of the game and is watching everything crumble around them. To call out another team while you’re about to have an incredible collapse is absurd.

When Kyrie and LeBron are both gone and the championship window in Cleveland is nothing but a memory, at least Gilbert can say he could’ve done better if he was trading Paul George. What an awful consolation prize for a disaster of a situation.

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