Conor McGregor to make at least $75M eating Floyd Mayweather’s punches

Conor McGregor’s execution of the “bait and switch” has been flawless thus far. The 29-year-old Irishman has conjured the year’s most anticipated sporting event out of thin air, and while it’s easy to get distracted by the tattoos, fur coats, and “Fook the Mayweathers” videos, the most unbelievable part of this spectacle is how it all came to pass.

For a guy who gets beat up for a living (well, beats people up – mostly), McGregor is a f–king genius. The narrative that society endorses – rightfully or not – is that fighters aren’t too sharp to start and only get dumber. Conor is changing that narrative, one viral video at a time. By leveraging his immense popularity, he was able to strong-arm the UFC, a $4 billion corporate behemoth, into granting him a huge payday. That’s not dummy sh-t; that’s Bill Gates in a garage sh-t.

According to Forbes, McGregor stands to make at least $75 million from the Mayweather fight. That’s a lot in any context, but for a guy who was cashing welfare checks from the Irish government in 2013, it boggles the mind. In four short years, McGregor has parlayed his personality and aesthetic into multi-generational wealth. His kids’ kids will eat off this fight.

The thing is, it’s not even a fight. Love him or hate him, Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer of a generation. The notion that an amateur boxer, which is what McGregor is, could knock out Mayweather is absurd.

Granted, we live in strange times. Look no further than The Mooch’s (accurately described as “a sentient bathroom stall key bump”) 10-day tenure as White House Communications Director for proof. Even THAT is less ridiculous that the idea McGregor will lay a glove on Floyd, and our mans The Mooch came out shooting from the hip with the hottest Bannon-related one-liner of all time.

Even McGregor himself is in disbelief over his looming windfall.

“I’m in shock every single day I wake up. Half a fight — let’s get that right. I get to quadruple my net worth for half a f–king fight. Sign me up.”

Conor McGregor

While the terms of the fight mandate that PPV revenue split and other financial information be kept secret, McGregor is about to cash out, big time. He knows that he can’t beat Floyd in a boxing match, but who cares? At 40 years old, Mayweather’s punches don’t have the zing they once did. Compared to fighting Nate Diaz, eating a Mayweather punch will be like dessert for McGregor.

Worst case, he gets knocked out by one of the best boxers of all time and collects north of $75 million dollars. Best case, he shocks the world with the biggest upset since Leicester City won the Premier League and instantly eclipses LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo as the most influential athlete on the planet.

Yes, McGregor, is brash and foul-mouthed, but above all; he’s smart. How else would he find himself on the cusp of the biggest win-win in sports history?

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