Kimi Raikkonen has standards, can Ferrari live up to them?

Sharon Wong

Raikkonen sets the bar very high for himself and Ferrari, saying nothing will satisfy but constant victory.

Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock
Source: ZRyzner/Shutterstock

Ferrari has failed to win for the opening ten rounds of this Formula 1 season, so things haven’t been looking good for quite a while. But for Raikkonen, this hardly means that it’s time to cut the team some slack. In fact, he finds it more crucial than ever for Ferrari to push themselves to achieve excellence. After all, with an ever-widening gap to Mercedes to close, sub-par performances simply aren’t acceptable.

“We always expect more as a team, we want to win, and until we win all the time, it’s not ideal. As Ferrari, we expect to win, but this is what we have got, so we’ll keep on working and improving.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Mediocrity certainly won’t do, if their aim is to win, win, win all the time. Mercedes has been in top form this season, scandalous crashes notwithstanding. Is Kimi Raikkonen afraid that Ferrari will have to rely on Hamilton and RosbergĀ slipping up and handing the victory to them? With his distinct brand of Nordic stoicism, he urges us all to stop talking such rot.


“I don’t know why you want to start guessing things. We will see what will happen in the second part of the year, and yes, we still believe we can win.

“It doesn’t matter if every car is there or not. Who knows what will happen in the races, but we know we have work to be done, so for sure there will be chances, so it will be better.”

Kimi Raikkonen

As we are all aware, self-belief aloneĀ is not likely to get you to the podium. Raikkonen may be on fire, but everyone else in the team has to be equally ablaze with the will to win. The mechanics to be in top form, every gear has to be running smoothly in place and the strategy has to bring it all together. No team sport is won on a single man’s shoulders.

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