WATCH: Chinese AD Carry Vasilii Ragequits And Smashes Up Studio

Even the most well-mannered of League of Legends players can relate to the overwhelming feeling of rage that boils inside during a frustration game – everyone has imagined putting their fist through their computer monitor, but very few actually pull the trigger. Watching on Youtube as an emotional teenager wastes his PC is undoubtedly comical, but no-one was expecting to witness former LMQ player Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun smashing up the studio as they tuned into China’s LSPL broadcast. 

The game certainly wasn’t going well for Vasilii or his teammates. Vasilii was visibly upset that his top lane Irelia was harbouring a dismal 0/4/1 scoreline, whilst ING’s opponents Legend Dragon (LD) continuously flooded four men into the bottom lane and executed him without a hint of mercy.

It would be enough to tilt even the most passive of AD Carries, let alone a player with Vasilii’s notorious temperament. It didn’t take long for the former LMQ man to start twitching with rage behind his monitor. As the game crept up to the 20 minute surrender mark, playing as Ashe, Vasilii whiffed his ultimate towards his teammate before removing his headset and quitting the game.

Vasilii AFK

Moments later (20:31 to be precise) ING surrendered the match, the first ever 20 minute surrender in LSPL history. Vasilii then proceeded to smash his own keyboard, before turning his anger onto the studio around him. Later in the clip, staff can be seen repairing lighting and cameras that suffered the wrath of the livid ING man. Reports from the scene described that the referee attempted to console Vasilii, only for the raging ADC to chase him around the studio.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Vasilii tried to smash a computer or two and when a ref tried to stop him he stalking him half-way around the studio. The supposed source, claiming to be a teammate, said the team were in real fear of getting beat up by Vasilii. Whilst the LSPL broadcasters were keen to display on of the violence, snippets can be heard and seen in the background of the show’s hosts. Fingers are crossed for a fan video to emerge with a scene not dissimilar to this:

ING’s official response was to hand Vasilii a 50k Yuan fine (equivalent to €6.8k / $7.5k) and apologise profusely to the LSPL production teams. This is a repeat offence for Vasilii who has a rich history for destroying equipment.

During his period with Vici Gaming, Vasilii admitted to his anger and rage issues when playing, after he decided to take it out on an entire set of gaming PC’s and was promptly kicked from the team after physically threatening his teammates. This photo, taken by a former teammate, shows the level of destruction left after his notorious rage fit.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

While last time was really bad, ragequitting in an official game and having teammates worried he might physically assault them takes issues to another level from smashing team-owned equipment in a gaming house. Vasilii’s on-stage meltdown may yet get the whole team penalised depending on how it’s ruled, not to mention that his relationship with his teammates is now surely irreparable. Vasilii’s rage may have blown his last chance at competing on a major stage.

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