7’3″ 9th grade phenom tops list of college recruits

Chol Marial is only in the 9th grade and is already at the top of the list for all the top tier college recruits. It’s not just because he’s so tall with a wingspan or 7’10” or because he’s already developed a 38″ vertical, it’s because he can shoot a mid range jumper and has some sick ball handling skills.


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Chol is originally from South Sudan and was discovered through the Basketball Without Borders program. He is currently destroying everything in his path at Cheshire Academy in Connecticut along with playing in tournaments all over the East Coast. The ceiling for this young man is limitless as almost every major D1 program in the country has reached out to him already.
The ceiling may be high for Chol, but something tells us that he’ll have no problem reaching it.

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