Moto GP Riders Split on F1-Style Radio Communication

The German GP was one determined by pit-stop strategy after a change in weather dictated that all premier class riders come in to the pits for a change onto a bike with more suitable tyres.

movistar YAM

The only form of communication in Moto GP is the tried and tested trusty pit-board, but Valentino Rossi has spoken out for changes. The Yamaha rider missed an opportunity to claw back some points against the leader of the pack Marc Marquez, but is deflecting this issue with some views regarding communication. Rossi believes radio communication between the pit-wall and the rider would be progressive.

Rossi said,

“For sure now if we had communication directly with the box, it can be a lot easier. Sometimes with the [pit] board it’s difficult.

For example, if you take Assen, if they say to me I already have two seconds of advantage, I have just to slow down, and I can avoid the mistake. If it’s possible to have the radio, I don’t know why we don’t have it. Maybe cost, I don’t know.”

– Valentino Rossi


Taking a completely opposite view to Rossi was Marquez, the leader’s Honda worked well on slicks in drying conditions during the German GP. Marquez said,

“I cannot imagine [being at] full banking, 200mph and someone speaking [to you]. [It’s not necessary] if you have a good plan before the race.

We have worked a lot on these situations since 2013, after Australia.”

– Marc Marquez

The simple advice would be to keep it as it is. There’s something more to be said about the lack of complication that the classic pit-board system brings. The last thing Moto GP needs is to take a leaf out of Formula One’s book regarding this. If F1-style communication was put in place, the next few seasons would be a collage of debate solely around what “is” and “isn’t” allowed to be transmitted.

No thanks, just read your pit-board Valentino…


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