Bernie Ecclestone: Women Aren’t Good Enough For F1

Bernie Ecclestone has said a lot of shit in his 85 years on Planet Earth, but nothing has been more alarming than his recent comments about Putin, Hitler, and perhaps most worryingly, women. 

Ecclestone, the Chief Executive of Formula One, is reportedly worth over $4 billion and has controlled F1 with an iron fist since most Motorsport fans can remember. An introvert and at times bizarre character, Ecclestone is known for his controversial statements surrounding teams, drivers, and politics.

During a recent interview with Sir Martin Sorrell at an advertising conference in London, Ecclestone spewed out perhaps his most disturbing statements yet. They included:

  1. Women aren’t “physically” able to drive a race car quickly and “would not be taken seriously” as competitors.
  2. Adolf Hitler was “able to get things done” and was a good leader.
  3. Vladimir Putin “should be running Europe” and is a great guy.
  4. Donald Trump would make a great president of the United States.
  5. Immigrants have made very little contributions to British life.
  6. Susie Wolff, the former Williams test driver, is a firm believer that women cane successful in Formula 1:

    “A woman can be physically fit enough to drive a Formula 1 car. I did the race distance in Barcelona so I have proved that it is possible.”

    Photo courtesy Wikipedia: F1 drivers face huge G-forces on their necks.
    Photo courtesy Wikipedia: F1 drivers face huge G-forces on their necks.

    Ecclestone has faced an epic backlash, with American stock car racer Leilani Munter describing the dwarfed megalomaniac as just a sad, pathetic, sexist old man with pre-historic views of women”. Danica Patrick has also described the comments as “disappointing.”

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