Piglet’s Sadistic Rammus Pick Is Just His Latest Act Of Self-Sabotage

Let’s just get the necessary Rammus pun out of the way, Ok? The tragic manner in which Team Liquid Academy handed victory to Cloud9 Challenger in the North American Challenger Series Final almost felt too scripted to be true. Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin – the main protagonist of every final series he’s involved in – rose to the occasion once more to throw away his chances of glory with yet another act of self sabotage.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Piglet is a sadist – it would certainly fit the narrative Riot have written for his character during the Korean’s LCS career. Getting into the Piglet’s head is nigh on impossible – no psychologist could possibly comprehend why he makes the decisions he does.

From winning the World Championship with SK Telecom T1, hailed as the best AD Carry in the world, to losing the final of the NA Challenger scene after throwing the game with an accidental Rammus support pick – that must take some significant mental fortitude not to let that break you.

One glance at Piglet’s facecam during Champion Select only tells half the whole story, as his in-game performance throughout the series were exemplary. Even in game 5, Liquid fans were mercilessly pumped with false hope; Piglet genuinely looked like he might carry his team across the line at one point.

Piglet made some amazing plays and was influential in securing Liquid’s two games of the tight series… but then he locked Rammus. The Challenger Series Final almost perfectly summarised Piglet’s NA LCS career: Played his heart out but still lost.

Despite his moments of brilliance and obvious emotionally fragility on stage, it is becoming increasingly difficult to root for a player who continuously self-sabotages himself and his teammates. Though Liquid fanboys consistently rush to their computers in an attempt to absolve Piglet of any blame, there comes a point where loyal supporters will have to realise Piglet for the sadistic saboteur that he is.

Locking in Rammus, actively jumping into a 1v2 vs a fed LeBlanc, holding on to flash and heal summoner spells rather than dodging the attempted pick from Lemonation… the list is extensive. Granted, Piglet played well for the majority of the series, but when he makes mistakes, they’re match deciding mistakes.

Liquid fans may try and make it seem like he’s not the one to blame, but there isn’t (and never will be) an excuse for picking Rammus support in the 5th game of a series decider. At least he didn’t cry this time…

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube


Piglet does still however hold an opportunity to redeem himself; Team Liquid Academy’s hopes of NA LCS are not yet entirely quashed. But when the inevitable happens and Piglet throws the game, at least he’s shown he still has what it takes to play in Korea’s LCK with the spicy accidental Rammus pick.

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